Behaviour Driven Development

I gave a “brown bag” talk on Behaviour Driven Design (BDD) this week.   I enjoyed the researching the content for the talk. Dan North’s couple of articles on BDD were really helpful: Introducing BDD and What’s in a Story?

It was interesting to see how BDD started as an evolution of Test Driven Development (TDD) but is now as much about stories, acceptance criteria and functional acceptance testing as it is about unit testing. Continue reading

C# Generic Singleton

Occasionally I find myself writing a small .NET assembly that’s going to be used across a number of difference applications where I can’t assume that any particular Dependency Injection library fill be available.  In those situations, I often need to implement some sort of singleton object.  It’s on those occasions that I turn to the following generic singleton class I created based on Jon Skeet’s singleton implementations.

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